Naked Angel


Debbie Donavon has seen many unusual things during the past 13 years as she folded papers early in the morning in front of The Baxter Bulletin. None of those sights prepared her for what she saw Tuesday when a naked woman wearing a pair of angel wings and suede boots strolled by her. Twice.

Mountain Home police also had a less-than-heavenly encounter with the “angel” when they received a call about a naked woman wearing angel wings asking a Baxter Bulletin employee if he’d been saved.

The angel was eventually taken to the Baxter County jail, where she was being held on charges of indecent exposure and resisting arrest. Jail records indicate that the angel no longer had her wings on when she was booked into the detention center. She did, however, have one white robe (bathroom style) and a white cross when booked.

The angel told officers she felt entitled to be in her birthday suit as it was her birthday.

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