Muslims Who Drink Themselves To An
Early Grave Forced To Bury Themselves


A group of Muslim clerics in India are refusing to offer funeral prayers for alcoholics. The decision was made at a meeting of imams in Bihar.

"It is a historic decision not to offer funeral prayers for the drunkards who die," said Hafiz Maulana Mahtab Alam Makhdumi, who presided over the meeting. "We hope that it will send a strong message among Muslims not to consume liquor," he added.

I don't think their cunning plan is going to work. Let's face it if people are not worried about drinking themselves to death they are hardly going to get worked up about not getting a proper send off. Perhaps the imams should stick to the tried and tested methods and just threaten drinkers with a good lashing for the first two offences and then public execution if they do it again. Allah is most merciful.

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