Indiana Wants You – At least, Muncie Does


In a unanimous vote, Muncie City Council on Monday night joined Mayor Dennis Tyler in opposing a proposed amendment to the Indiana Constitution that would ban same-sex marriage.

“I want it to be known nationally that Muncie is a city of everyone,” the resolution’s sponsor, council member Doug Marshall, said before vote.

State Rep. Sue Errington, addressed the council Monday night, saying the Muncie Democrat applauded their efforts. Adoption of the marriage amendment would make Indiana appear to be “an intolerant and backward state,” she said.

Charles Mason, a retired Episcopalian minister, said “denying gay marriage is like denying women the right to vote.”

“Heterosexuals have virtually destroyed the sanctity of marriage,” he added, suggesting others should be given “a crack” at improving the institution.

The right wing crazies of the USA are so loud and control so much of the media that most of the time they are the only American voices we hear over here in Europe. So it's good to come across reports like these (which occasionally get through) that show that there are people in America who are able to think with their brains rather than just their emotions, wallets and dicks.

POSTSCRIPT: When I tried to find a photo of the Reverend Charles Mason, Google insisted on showing me hundreds of photos of Charles Manson. I'm sure it's not the same man. I mean, Manson wasn't an Episcopalian was he?


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  1. Another “Episcopalian minister” (i.e., PRIEST!) in the gay marriage news:

    “Houston Mayor Annise Parker has married longtime partner Kathy Hubbard in a sunset ceremony at a private residence in Palm Springs, Calif., Parker’s office announced.

    A small group of family and friends, including Parker’s mother and Hubbard’s sister, attended the service Thursday.

    The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Paul Fromberg, rector of St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church in San Francisco.”