Please To Remember The Last Monday In August

I am told that some tory, publicity seeking backbencher in the UK Parliament has suggested that our August Bank Holiday should be named "Margaret Thatcher Day." This has been met with derision from the left and the launching of an online petition calling for the idea to be scuppered.

However, I personally think that it might be a really good idea to have a "Margaret Thatcher Day." But I envision the day as a "Guy Fawkes Day" in the middle of summer. In fact, it could replace Guy Fawkes Day altogether. Let's face it can anybody work up any real hatred towards a failed terrorist after so many hundreds of years. And now we've got that nice Mr Francis in charge of the Roman Catholic Church I doubt if there's much inclination around to shove the pope's effigy on top of a bonfire and set fire to it.

But Mrs Thatcher - that's a different thing entirely. I can see a lot of people, especially up here in the north of England, having lots of enthusiasm for a night of revelry and effigies of Thatcher burning. It would also be good for the economy. There's too much happening in Winter and so I'm sure shopkeepers would love a day in Summer that encouraged people to hand over their hard earned cash for fireworks and barbecue. Heck, they could even try selling "The Witch Is Dead" greetings cards.


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