Homophobia – They Can Arrest You For It


A street evangelist was arrested in Dundee last week on a charge of alleged breach of peace with "homophobic" aggravation. Tony Miano, a former Los Angeles Deputy Sheriff, was part of a street preaching team holding a weeklong mission in Scotland. He was remanded in custody overnight Wednesday and later released on bail to appear before Dundee Sheriff's Court on April 22.

Miano was preaching about sin in general and when he mentioned sexual sin including adultery, promiscuity and homosexual practice, a woman shouted that her son was gay. The woman then called the police on her mobile just as a council warden came along and said that while we were doing nothing wrong, and had the right to free speech, we should move on. As the street preachers packed up two police officers arrived. One officer interviewed the woman and then immediately arrested Miano for a breach of the peace and for using homophobic language.

Although the thought of bible worshipping bigots spewing their hatred in the streets of the United kingdom (or any country for that matter) makes me feel physically ill and that I would love to see them kicked half way back to where they came from, I must admit I am extremely uneasy about arresting people for calling gay sex a sin even though it obviously isn't. You see, I think capitalism is a sin. I believe that Jesus rated the accumulation of wealth whilst others go without to be the third worst sin you could possibly commit and if you do commit it you would go straight to hell when you die. However, it is not against the law in this country. In fact, it is actively encouraged by all the mainline political parties. So what if I stood up at my own street mission (I know it's an extremely unlikely scenario but bear with me) and started telling passers by that Alan Sugar et al were depraved and caught up in the cesspit of economic immorality? The thing is, I think I should be able to do just that if I wasn't petrified of making a fool of myself in public (even for the sake of the Gospel). But I don't think I should be aloud to do it if crazy, brainwashed haters from the USA can't have their say about perfectly legal behaviour they think is immoral. Free thinkers and those who espouse freedom of speech must always be very careful that we extend the same freedoms we demand for ourselves to our enemies when no call for violence is made. If there is one thing that Jesus probably hates as much as capitalism it is hypocrisy.



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  1. I think there’s a balance to be struck between “freedom of speech” and “breach (disturbance) of the peace.” Besides the obvious issue of decibels, there is the “‘Fire!’ in a Crowded Theater” factor. I would never say “You can’t preach _____ is sin in public.” But, not having been present for this particular incident, I can’t swear there was no breach of the peace either.