Accommodating The Ridiculous At York University


A student’s request to be excused from course work on religious grounds so he would not have to interact with female peers has opened a fractious debate over how institutions navigate between competing human rights.

J. Paul Grayson, a sociology professor at York University, received the request in September and denied it, arguing it would give tacit support to a negative view of women. But the dean of the faculty of arts disagreed and has ordered him to grant the accommodation.

A standoff has ensued over the degree to which religious accommodation is reasonable at a public, secular university. Dr. Grayson argues that approving the request would make him “an accessory to sexism,” and could give others a precedent to avoid interacting with students of a given race, creed or sexual orientation. Martin Singer, the dean, countered that the school is legally obliged to heed the student’s wishes, and other students would not be seriously affected.

Dr. Grayson has continued to refuse the request, at the risk of possible discipline.

I assume then that this student never leaves his house. If he did he would have to "interact with females" all over the place and all day long. Does he never buy a stamp from a female clerk at the post office? Does he never travel on a Bus driven by a woman, etc. etc?

This is just nonsense and really is a case of if he doesn't like it he should go elsewhere. I'm sure there are Muslim colleges somewhere in the world that exclude those dirty, seductive women from their grounds.

Anyway, the female students wouldn't be his peers. With his imbecilic view of women they are obviously going to be at a far higher academic level than he is.

For making a stand against sexism, silliness and mammon,
Professor Grayson is OCICBW's



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  1. Beside gender, race, national origin, and religion, one would also have to include sports team preferences, TV shows, IQs, handedness, and god knows what else.

    • Well, I don’t believe that Newcastle United fans should ever be forced to sit in the same room as a Sunderland fan. But then that is never going to be an issue at a place of higher learning due to the total absence of people from Sunderland from such places. But otherwise I take your point, DC.

    • Mind you, I guess you would refuse to go to lectures if there were not women present.