Thief Steals Monsignor’s Stash Of Demon Drink


A serial offender who stole hundreds of pounds worth of alcohol from the bedroom of one of Scotland’s leading clergymen has been jailed for 30 months. Perth Sheriff Court heard that Simon Winks, 36, a prisoner in Perth, was caught with fine wines, whisky and cognac after breaking into the home of The Right Reverend Monsignor Hugh McInally while he was on holiday. The court heard that Winks was caught with the alcohol in a holdall at a bus shelter after police found the 80-year-old’s house had been robbed.

Solicitor Anne Johnson, defending, said her client chose the clergyman’s house “at random” and “felt worse” when he found out it belonged to a man of the cloth.

The question has to be asked. Why does a high up Roman Catholic priest have so much booze on tap in his bedroom? I mean, it's not as if he is living in the Vatican with all those thirsty, young Swiss Guardsmen hanging around the place.

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