God Is Not So Great In The New Totalitarian Russia


A man who climbed on the roof of the Kazan Cathedral on Red Square and shouted a Muslim call to prayer on Russian Orthodox Christmas Eve has been sent to a psychiatric hospital. The man has a history of psychiatric disorders related to unrest in his impoverished West African homeland.

A member of the State Duma's religions affairs committee, Vladimir Burmatov, said the case was an act of hooliganism and the offender must be punished.

Some of the onlookers shouted back at the self-proclaimed preacher: "Get down from there."

Then, the bells of the cathedral started to toll, as its staff tried to muffle the shouts of the man.

Тhe man was yelling, "God is great."

So tell me, who in this story is truly mad?


God Is Not So Great In The New Totalitarian Russia — 6 Comments

    • I think the leaders of Russian Orthodoxy at present make The Taliban look like a bunch of easy going, free loving latitudinarians.

  1. So is the Russian Orthodox Church maintaining that God is NOT Great? Along with Stalin, are they going to canonize Christopher Hitchens?

    • The Russians are more dour than even the Scots. They might begrudgingly admit that God is not too bad, but they are never going to get excited enough to call God great.