I hate Facebook. I'm only on it because all my online friends joined it and left the blogosphere to concentrate full time on telling people what they are cooking for lunch.

Today I received a right telling off (accompanied by threats of being cast into outer darkness) from our new leaders.

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I don't have any real world friends and I'm unemployed. Social media on the internet is the way I avoid loneliness. I never have this trouble with Blogger. The users are allowed to make their own mind up as to how they want to use the platform. Whoever is in charge is very hands off. Unlike Facebook which is extremely controlling.

So in my Facebook neighbourhood my friends spend a heck of a lot of time complaining about being told what to do by the rich and powerful in the real world on a website that is more totalitarian than Soviet Russia ever was.


Fascistbook — 1 Comment

  1. From it’s very beginning I have looked act Facebook as nothing more than a time-suck. Our right to privacy has been eroded by people willingly post their most mundane and sometimes most intimate actions for all to see.

    Here in the US we have just seen a group of people indicted for bilking Social Security out of lots of money for fraudulent disabilities. After claiming to be house-bound and unable to work they were found to have posted pictures on Facebook showing themselves to be hunting, fishing, flying planes, etc.