Evensong on the Feast of John Wyclif

Google ChromeScreenSnapz002The Anglican Communion cannot agree on the day on which it should celebrate the great Fourteeenth Century theologian and proto-protestant, John Wyclif. Canada has gone for the thirtieth of December, England has plumped for New Year's Eve whilst the Americans commemorate him on the thirtieth of October. Who has got it right? Well, definitely not the Americans as we know that John died in December, 1384. But on exactly which day he died history is silent.

Anyway, he is man well worth celebrating especially at such an anarchistic church as Saint Laika's. He was spot on about the translation of scripture and, personally, I think he was spot on about foreign powers interfering in the domestic life of nation states. Whether or not he was right about transubstantiation I care not one jot as that is a discussion of about the same level of importance and relevance to our lives as the one concerning how many angels you can get on the top of a pin.

To give the man the respect he is due I've cobbled together a service that mixes up the first Book of Common Prayer (1549) and evensong music from that time with some of Wyclif's own words and carols that were being sung during Wyclif's lifetime.

The order of service is posted beneath the audio file so that you can join in with the service (although, to be honest, it's mostly me this time). The words in bold type are the ones we say together.

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MP3 File

Order of Service and Credits

Happy New Year

Let's party like it's 1549!!! 

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