Shepherds shake off your drowsy sleep;
up and leave your silly sheep!
Seek the Virgin and her child
(oh so holy, oh so mild).
Lift the monstrance up on high;
contemplate his drawing nigh.
Lost in dazzlement with your gold
ignore the wolves amongst your fold.

Wolves come in to feed the flock
(the door’s ajar, without a lock).
Teach them ‘love’ and touch them up;
snare them with your poisoned cup.
No need to cover up your trails,
(blind shepherds do not hear their wails).
Put on your coat of innocent fleece;
your ravening joy need never cease.

But what is this? The Virgin bold
is not in Heaven with your gold.
She stalks your greed with eyes of steel;
her child condemns your terrible meal.
Tremble in your cowardly shoes;
zip your flies, burn the clues.
The woman and child will seek you out
Expose your nakedness, kick you out!

Rosina Elston


A CHICHESTER CAROL 2013 — 4 Comments