"THAT the Biblical warning of perilous times at the winding up of earthly activities has begun in earnest is very clear. The speedy rates at which bizarre and mysterious events occur in our society today is stupefying. The most disturbing of the scenarios, however, is the insensitivity or criminal contempt of the self-confessed ministers of God—pastors, bishops, evangelists, prophets, teachers of the word, reverends—to the stern warnings of the Bible as regards the strange events that would herald the beginning of the end to this wicked world. If their brazen disregard for the word they read on a daily basis on this perilous times is worrisome, the alleged involvement or implication of a number of these supposedly holy preachers of the word of God in occultic practices is as much difficult a pill to swallow as it is a painful development in the stomach."


TUMMY ACHE — 1 Comment