I'm really feeling the pinch this month, chaps.
If you can help me out I would be very grateful.

My internet ministry is my only source of income. Therefore, if you do not already donate towards my ministry, and if you are not struggling financially yourself, I would be extremely grateful if you would consider sending some of your hard earned cash my way, either on a regular basis or as a one off donation. Whatever you send will, I promise, be greatly appreciated by my wife and myself.

You do not need to have a PayPal account to subscribe or donate via the buttons below. If you want to make a regular monthly donation (which I really would appreciate) click on the up and down arrows beside the options on the first widget, choose an amount you would like to send and then follow instructions. If you want to send a one off gift please use the second widget.

Another way to help me is to buy Amazon products via my Amazon shop. Just go to Amazon via one of the two widgets (USA and UK) which can be found in the right hand sidebar.

Thank you. And for putting up with all this beggary here are some photos of my dogs, Delphi and Quiz, taken during the last couple of days.



  1. I will comment. Thanks for the pictures! Your dogs are so pretty. And I’ve finally figured out how to tell them apart. I noticed the difference in their blazes. Of course I still can’t tell them apart from behind!!