Saudi Arabia announced on Tuesday new rules to grant some rights to foreign domestic workers, but Labor Minister Adel Faqih stressed they must "respect Islam and its teachings... and obey the orders of the employers and their family members concerning getting the agreed work done." A domestic worker "does not have the right to reject a work, or leave a job, without a valid reason," he added.

But the new rules also require employers to follow through with payments and other rights guaranteed to the workers by their contracts. Faqih said that employers must pay workers "the agreed monthly salary without delay, and give them a day off each week.Employers are also required to provide domestic workers with "suitable accommodations, as well as granting them time to rest for at least nine hours each day."

That's a ninety hour week! Heck, even the Church of England (the UK's most immoral employer) doesn't expect that from its workers. It merely insists on a six day week of sixty hours, proving once again that Christianity is so much nicer than Islam.

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