Somebody else's comment on facebook:

For 13 centuries, the church did not permit women to be ministers of any kind in the church. Like Rosie, I believe that the church was wrong in this regard, but it is a practice that has become hallowed by tradition and his dear by many whose Christian faith I do not challenge. The role of women ministers has changed in the last 50 years. First women could become lay readers in the 1960s, then deacons in the 1980s, priests in the 1990s, and almost certainly bishops soon. In the context of 13 centuries, 50 years is a fairly short time. It is not that women ministers are second-class citizens. It is just that we are in a transitional period while the whole church comes to accept the new reality.

My reply:

The reason why women had no role in the Church for 13 Centuries was because they were regarded as second class citizens. In fact, up until 1928 in the UK they were not really citizens at all. Yes, it is a tradition - a tradition of inequality, injustice and, in too great a part, misogyny. Christ occasionally paid lip service to tradition but, when it came to the crunch, he was would completely ignore it if it was getting in the way of bringing in the Kingdom of God. We are not talking about not having flowers in the church during Lent, we are talking about recognising God in women, we are talking about the worth of women. Some traditions are so wrong that they need to be overturned immediately because the pain they cause to those made less by them is far greater than any pain that will be suffered by those who will mourn the loss of the tradition. It is like the pain of the child suffering from lung cancer compared to the pain of inconvenience endured by the person no longer allowed to smoke in restaurants. It is a pain based on a situational reality rather than a pain based on a philosophical viewpoint. Too many women with vocations have died without realising their vocations since the Church started pussyfooting its way to accepting women as being equal in Christ to men. This torture has to stop.



  1. It is not only wornen who have lost out because of the evil of patriarchy. The Church has been poorer because the gifts of women have been discounted.

  2. You know the analogy I would bring to that F’booker?

    “Free my slaves upon my death.”


    If it’s wrong, there’s NO “…but it’s what I’m used to” extension!