Tomorrow is the silver wedding anniversary of Mrs MP and myself. As we intend to celebrate this momentous occasion by ascending Mount Snowdon on foot, a ten mile hike up and down a bloody steep hill, we thought we better get the old leg muscles warmed up. So today we walked the Mawddach Trail, a nine mile track alongside what is regarded by many as the most beautiful estuary in Europe. The walk finishes with a spectacular entrance into Barmouth over a mile long railway bridge.

Penmaenpool toll bridge

The George III Hotel 

The Quizmaster

Arty Fartiness by MadPriest

We arrived in Barmouth at about three o'clock in the afternoon absolutely famished as we had not eaten since breakfast. We spotted a rather attractive looking tea room down near the harbour and sat down outside to peruse the menu. The owner came out and told us that she wasn't doing food as she had sent her staff home because they hadn't been very busy. It's not all of them, we've met some very polite and helpful individuals, but it does seem like a high percentage of the people working in the North Wales tourist industry despise their work to the extent that they just don't give a damn about what their customers think of them. Quite honestly I think they would much prefer it if tourists kept the hell away from their region and that the English government just sent them a nice, big subsidy each year to make up for the loss of income this would entail. We did find somewhere to eat in the end where our order was taken by a young gentleman from somewhere in South East Asia who couldn't speak a word of English, which was at least a change from being served by someone who refused to speak English.



  1. Heh: at least it wasn’t my one (non-tourist destination, Conway Castle) memory of Wales: the train crossing the border, and seeing spray painted on a nearby underpass, “English Die!” [Maybe graffitist just meant the English language?]


    Dog butts out, dog fronts back: good walkies. 🙂


    Happy anniversary to you and the Missus!

  2. I went over that bridge by train once, in the days of BR. Sheer neglect and lack of investment had led to its not being very safe, and we went dead slow. It’s a spectacular line.

  3. Despite the difficulty you had getting a bite to eat, I’m glad the MadGang made this walk and took all those photos of a very lovely landscape to share with us!