My apologies for the lack of activity around here over the last few days but I've been spring cleaning the blog (I am an orthodox believer so it is still Spring up to the Summer solstice). I am pathetically male when it comes to doing more than one thing at once. It's possible for me at a push to multitask but I much prefer to get my head down and complete my tasks one at a time.

Today I have been tidying up my blogroll (see bottom of right hand sidebar). Since I last did this a lot of my blogging friends have changed their website addresses or the titles of their blogs and quite a few have given up on blogging regularly. I have removed the dormant blogs from the Neighbourhood list and I have made sure all the remaining links connect to where they should connect to. If your blog has been removed and you decide to start blogging again please let me know and I will put your link back up as soon as I can be bothered to.

There are a couple of additions to the Neighbourhood blogroll:



Please check them out. Support and encourage them if you can. Blogging is a pretty thankless task nowadays as people prefer to tell each other what they have just eaten for lunch, over on Facebook, rather than express an opinion on the state of the world or other weighty matters. Even if they do still check out the blogs most people do not leave comments like they used to and there is very little conversation going on even on the longstanding serious blogs. Having said that I was surprised by the high number of veteran bloggers from the Neighbourhood who are still blogging away like good uns, even though they feel like they are talking to nobody much of the time. Long haul bloggers appear to be a particularly stubborn breed. I have to admit that I have not been as attentive to my blogging friends recently as I should have been and I intend to remedy this. I am first and foremost a blogger and only hang around Facebook because I get lonely otherwise. But I wonder if I have given in too quickly. Perhaps it is time that bloggers fought back and although I have no idea what form the fight back should take it seems obvious to me that step one should be a renewed commitment to our blogs and step two should be a renewed commitment to each other. I am not going to launch a campaign or anything (I no longer have the influence in the Christian blogosphere I once had - in fact I don't think any blogger who is not important or famous in the outside world has much influence anymore, celebrity culture is as pervasive among those who think of themselves as intelligent Christians as it is among the TV soap watching crowd). I am simply going to try and be a better blogger myself and more supportive of my fellow bloggers.

Finally, a big thank you to the half dozen of you who still take the trouble of commenting at Of Course, I Could Be Wrong... rather than commenting on the Facebook links. Your continued interest in the stuff I post here is very much appreciated.



  1. Bloggers Unite! I know I’ve taken a sabbatical of sorts since I retired as Bishop of Pittsburgh, blogging infrequently, but they worked me like a dog over there, and I’ve needed a bit of rest. I’ll be back!!! Facebook be damned!

    • I feel so guilty at Facebook because I don’t comment enough. I feel like I’m being rude but I’m just not capable of the small talk and niceties that the medium demands. I wish there were more boxes to tick than just like. There should be “Get well soon” boxes, “Sorry for your loss” boxes. “Don’t let the bastards get you down boxes. And so on. It would be very helpful to those of us who have problems saying the acceptable and expected thing.

    • “I feel so guilty at Facebook”: I can recommend a foolproof remedy for that! ;-p

      Speaking of feeling lonely: for a long time, I felt like I was the last Zuckerbook hold-out on the planet. But I’ve heard the tide is turning!

      …so now, I’m the last Twitter&Tumblr hold-out. :-X

  2. I think all 2 of my blog followers went to be with the Lord and that explains my lack of blog comments. I include on that list a very nice Argentine man who loves the group “Heart” and hoodoo psychic healers and a lovely Quaker trans-woman who thinks I’m on some kind of “trip” for being an Evangelical.

  3. MP, I have a hard enough time reading all my “required” reading as a blogger these days to comment with any regularity. And to be honest, I haven’t been using twitter or facebook much at all. I, like you, think some rededication is in order. But man, it sucks time!

    • Yes, I agree, Drew. At the moment I am trying to post one good piece every day instead of lots of lightweight stuff. I find this time consuming enough and I don’t have a day job.