Our friend, Tim Chesterton, is a real folk musician. You can tell that because he's got a beard and smiles a lot. You can also tell that he is the real McCoy if you listen to his music. His guitar playing is extremely accomplished and his singing is, well, good enough for folk.

Tim has a new album out and very good it is too. It is also the most professionally presented project that he has ever produced. It is certainly worth a lot more than the measly $10 (Canadian) he is asking for it.

But I know what you cynics are thinking. You're thinking that because Tim is a long time friend of my blog that I would say nice things about his new record. I'm not going to argue with you because anyone can listen to all of Tim's album by simply going to his page at BANDCAMP and the music is well good enough to speak for itself. So g'wan! Go listen to some real music and be happy!




  1. Thanks, MP, I’ll check him out.

    But, no offense, from now until Judgment Day, “ANGLO-CANADIAN FOLK MUSIC AT ITS BEST” is going to remain Stan Rogers.

  2. JCF, I’m as big a Stan Rogers fan as you are, but he wasn’t ‘Anglo-Canadian’, he was simply ‘Canadian’! And Sunday was the 30th anniversary of his death. I constantly hold him up to my friends as a shining example of what folk songwriting was like before it was scuppered by people who were only interested in weepy emotional autobiography.

    • To be fair to JCF (and that’s only a suggestion, you don’t have to be) JCF is an American and you know what they are like about putting the nationality of their great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great etc. grandfather on their father’s side before the word American when referring to their present day nationality. I was using the term to denote that you straddle the Atlantic Ocean like a folk colossus.

    • Oh dear, I’m not that keen on him. But I think I may have one old record by him on which he sounds very English. I will go into the attic and try and find it (yes, it’s actually true, I do keep my old vinyl in the attic, but it is very dry up there and there’s a built in ladder).

    • I regularly do two or three of his songs as part if my live set (‘Northwest Passage’, ‘The Jeanie C’, and ‘Lies’). They’re great songs, but I agree that at times his voice is a bit overpowering.

    • I came to love folk music through American folk and country music (strange as that might sound). So I’ve always liked a rough edge to my English folk singers’ voices. Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger are my two most hated voices and what’s with the hand over ear thing? I just find the whole English fifties/sixties thing so pretentious. Thank God that Nic Jones came along and got people singing naturally again.

    • “Not keen on Stan Rogers?! That’s your worst heresy yet!!”

      Well, my estimation of YOU just went up, Tim. ;-/

      [FYI, I didn’t even realize it was the (tragic!) 30th anniversary of his passing. Tim, when MP said “Anglo-Canadian”, I just thought of it as “Sings in English/Isn’t French-Canadian”. I in no way meant to diminish Stan’s Canadian-ness! Stan was/is the UBER-Canuck]

      SRSLY, the first time I heard “Lock Keeper”, I think I swooned…