We all know what Anglican Mainstream (sic) think about women and gay people but what do they think about other sections of society such as the poor, for example? Perhaps the answer lies in the first paragraph of Peter Mullen's recent article in which he worships at the dead feet of a certain dead politician, concluding orgasmically with the words...

"Though she were dead, yet shall she live:
Maggie, Maggie, Maggie; Lives, Lives, Lives!"

The first sentence of this disturbingly false god diatribe reads as follows...

"Margaret Thatcher’s judgement has been vindicated by the disgraceful celebrations of her death: the vile demonstrations in the streets by the spoilt and petulant underclass and the bile spoken in the mass media by people who ought to know better."

So there you have it. You will always have the spoilt and petulant underclass with you. But that doesn't mean that the ordained brethren of Anglican Mainstream (sic) have to like the welfare scrounging blighters.

The Reverend Peter Mullen
refusing to even look at those spoilt "underclass" c**ts




A patient claimed a GP told her to stop taking medication and took her to a Pentecostal church where she underwent an exorcism instead, a General Medical Council report has revealed. Dr Thomas Gerard O'Brien was working as a locum GP in Staffordshire when he treated the woman - who had been prescribed anti-depressant, anti-hypertensive and pain-relief medication. The patient, who has not been named, claimed she stopped taking medication after Dr O'Brien told her ‘there is another way’.

She said he gave her lifts to a Pentecostal church in Stoke-on-Trent, where she was advised that ‘God is her surgeon and God will heal her’.

The woman also alleged she was subjected to a four-hour 'testimony' where an exorcism was performed on January 19 this year. She claimed that Dr O'Brien specifically told her not to tell her psychiatrist about the meetings and told her ‘she would be cursed’ if she told the GMC.



The University of Leicester has launched an investigation into gender segregation at a public lecture held by its student Islamic society. The talk, entitled Does God Exist?, featured a guest speaker Hamza Tzortzis as part of an Islamic Awareness week. Seating at the event was segregated, with different entrances into the lecture theatre for men and women.



World-renowned Turkish pianist, Fazil Say, has been given a suspended 10-month jail sentence for insulting Muslim values. An Istanbul court found Say guilty over a series of posts on the social networking site Twitter. Say was not in court for the sentencing. But he denied the charges, saying they were politically motivated.

The indictment against him cited some tweets, including a retweet by Mr Say which says: "I am not sure if you have also realised it, but if there's a louse, a non-entity, a lowlife, a thief or a fool, it's always an Allah-ist."

And Turkey wants to join the European Union?
Yeh, like the French are going to allow that.



A 13.8 metre sculpture of the late Pope John Paul II, made from white fibreglass, was unveiled in Czestochowa, Poland, on Saturday. It was funded by a businessman, Leszek Lyson, in gratitude for what he believes was an intervention by the late pontiff in saving his drowning son.

What? The old boy actually jumped in and did the old life saving routine? I never read about that.

The new statue of the late Pope John Paul II
Known locally as "The Flasher"


From JTA:

A divorced haredi Orthodox man says he has been barred from seeing his son because of the father’s religious lifestyle and appearance. He says social services began preventing him from seeing his son after he told the boy over the telephone “not to worry because everything that happens to us is a trial by God for us to pass.”

The conversation was recorded by social services, Dray said, adding that he was contacted after the talk by a social welfare worker who told him he was radicalizing the boy with “dangerous” messages.

Ye gods! Under that ruling half of my friends on Facebook would be banned from going near their children.


Remember that billboard kicking elephant from yesterday's post? The one in Ghana? Well, it seems that it may be off the hook.


News went viral when it was reported that an elephant from a forest reserve on the Ghana-Burkina Faso border, has pulled down a 2012 campaign bill board of President John Mahama in the Ghanaian village of Bagli in the Laura Nandom area. The alleged wreckage by the elephant left residents and spiritualists reading superstitious meanings into the incident because the opposition New Patriotic Party’s logo is an elephant. But an eyewitness to the incident has told Okay FM that there is no iota of truth in the rumor. He claims that though the animals made their way to the village, they never went berserk nor caused any damage to the president’s billboard. According to him, when the animals got closer to President Mahama’s billboard, they stood by it and showed “love” to the picture. He tasked all not to read superstitious meanings into the incidence since all who were present saw the animals admiring the picture of President Mahama for several hours after they had attempted to bring that of Nana Addo down.

“Even, at the extreme left of the road, there is an NPP billboard mounted there …one of the elephant was pushing the other to cause damage to it but there was some sort of resistance for sometime, until they both gave up and came closer to that of John Mahama”, he added.

Personally I don't understand why the elephants are getting involved in the hustings in the first place. It's not as if they've got the vote. Quite honestly, they should keep their trunks out of politics altogether. They should leave it up to the hippos who know what they are on about.



A river at Ashongman, a town on the outskirts of Accra, is said to have been hijacked by a fierce demon that is causing havoc to persons that go into it. The chiefs and elders of the area have employed the services of several spiritualists to help remove this demon but the tragedy has continued for years. But popular spiritualist, Sheikh Nakambo Usman, has been called upon to arrest the said demon and he intends to “arrest” this demon come this Saturday.

“I have seen the demon before. It was naked and very hairy. It is a male demon and when it saw me, it jumped into the river. I saw it seated under the Atomic Bridge at night. There is a diamond under this river but there is a powerful demon in the river and because of that it is impossible to dig up the diamond. Several people have died in an attempt to dig it up and all this deaths were caused by the demon. But come this Saturday, I would go into a battle with this demon, arrest it and make sure everybody sees the demon under arrest. I don’t believe in casting out demons, I believe in arresting demons," Sheikh Nakambo told News-One.

Just like Detective Nick Burkhardt of the Portland Police Bureau in "Grimm." He insists that demons should pay for their crimes in prison the same as human bad guys.


Water play seems to have changed a lot since I was a young man. And as for tossing in the water, I don't think I want to know.



Peaches Geldof has been urging her tens of thousands of Twitter followers to read up on the notorious OTO cult, whose leader was the infamous occultist Aleister Crowley. She has also had a tattoo on her arm bearing the initials OTO – which stand for Ordo Templi Orientis, or Order of Oriental Templars. Bob Geldof’s daughter, who is pregnant with her second child, is said to have become interested in Crowley during her short-lived marriage to musician Max Drummey when she was 19.

A source said: ‘Peaches is fascinated by Aleister Crowley and wants to put the word out there.

Peaches has also dabbled in Scientology and is now said to have converted to Judaism.

Peaches Geldoff
Who or what the heck has been shaking her tree?



Patriarch Kirill, has warned priests against using Twitter too often, saying it contradicts the Russian Orthodox Church's mission of saving people's souls. He says that Christians should not react to anything that happens in the world unless it has something to do with the mission of the church.

Old Krill is becoming a bit of a regular round these parts. I think he's after a Fox News Channel spot.



Naum Despotovski, 66, a Macedonian priest found guilty of grabbing the throat of a parishioner outside a Rockdale church has been placed on a 12-month good behaviour bond. Police facts tendered to court say Mr Despotovski was upset with victim Zoran Bockaroski for taking photos on a mobile phone outside St. Petka Macedonian Orthodox Church on November17, last year. Mr Bockaroski told police he was chased to a car park opposite the church in Railway Parade and pinned against a fence.

"The accused grabbed the throat area of the victim using both hands and squeezed tightly," police said in tendered documents.

He's a disgrace to the Macedonian priesthood. A real Macedonian would have punched the weird little snooper's lights out.



Pope Francis has backed a doctrinal report drawn up under his predecessor Benedict XVI that accuses the largest group of nuns in the United States of holding "radical feminist" views.

Poor Clare. Nothing ever changes.



In Louisiana's Terrebonne Parish, anyone caught wearing saggy pants that expose their undergarments will be fined. Last week, the Parish Council voted 8-1 on an ordinance that effectively bans young people from wearing their pants below the waist and, in certain cases, exposing too much skin.

No, Father Ted. I think they are demanding
"Up With This Sort Of Thing"



Speaking to Stan Solomon on his show, Alan Keyes claimed that music, television shows and films which “promote the acceptance of homosexuality,” are a “key vehicle” for Satan’s plan for the “destruction” of America. Earlier in the programme, Keyes claimed that allowing equal marriage in the US would lead to a Communist regime which would allow “the expropriation of all property” and “the murder of the masses.”

Stan Solomon, the show’s host also weighed in with, “The fact is, there’s these little innuendos and some direct frontal attacks saying if you don’t accept homosexuality there’s something wrong with you. Well, there’s something right with you. Homosexuality is destructive of the individual, destructive of the society and every society in the history of the world that has accepted homosexuality has crashed and burned. Someone tell me where I’m wrong. Many people don’t know that the Nazi party was born out of a homosexual group; they call it the pink swastika.”

In his column, Keyes previously made unfounded claims that equal rights are leading the US towards legalising incest, paedophilia and rape.

Alan Keyes - a little bit too interested in
what gay men get up to if you ask me
(that's innuendo not a direct frontal attack)





Executive Producer of the History Channel's "The Bible" miniseries Scott Sassa was booted from his $6 million job by conservative heads at media giant Hearst Corporation last month after they got wind of his racy text exchange negotiating a drug-filled $1,000 sexual encounter with a teenage escort last Christmas.



A priest at famous Sree Kurmanatha temple in Srikakulam was injured in an attack by irate devotees here on Monday morning. Enraged with the priest’s act of duplicating the idol of the presiding deity — Lord Kurmanatha — with wax, the locals staged a protest at the temple. With no response from the temple authorities the agitated locals barged into the temple and attacked the priest Chamarla Murali Krishna, who received blows on his face leaving him bleeding from the nose and severe injury to his left eye. Devotees felt that the priest was trying to create a duplicate idol hurting their sentiments and sanctity of the temple. They also alleged that the priest tried to sell the original idol to some Banglore based smuggler and install a duplicate one at the sanctum sanctorum and in the process he made a wax copy.

Well, much as I abhor violence of any kind it does sound to me like he deserved his pasting.


No, no! This will never work. They're far too busy telling American nuns to do as they're told and campaigning against gay people and condoms to have time to do the fire chief's job effectively as well.




  1. I think rather than condemning the young ones for wearing pants that expose their bums, we should demonstrate charity, and purchase them some belts.

  2. I know the star barn near Lancaster, Pennsylvania, very well. And this bird house is nothing like it. And tacky as well. Bah. Humbug

    • It does say “inspired by,” no doubt to stop overcritical purists like yourself, Lois, from suing the pants off them. Personally I think it is good naff and if it wasn’t for the fact that it would actually take up most of my garden I would love to have one.

  3. . . . effectively bans young people from wearing their pants below the waist . . . .

    Well, wearing them above the waist is rather pointless. And I thought it was the parts of the body below the waist that they wanted to cover up.

    Where is PeaceBang when you need her?

  4. One has to wonder about any group of people that feels the need to specify that “Brothers” means males and “Sisters” means females. They must be very easily confused.