The Vatican is answering questions over a $29 million investment in a building that's home to the most prominent "gay sauna" in Europe. The Europa Multiclub is located within an apartment block in Rome, in which the Vatican has just bought itself a stake worth 23 million Euros. There are nineteen Vatican apartments in the building, including one owned by Cardinal Ivan Dias.

I don't understand why spoof news websites are so popular. I mean, who needs such satire when reality is far more satirical than anything even the greatest humourist could invent.


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  1. $29 million investment in a building that’s home to the most prominent “gay sauna”

    A parody site, not understanding Roman land values, would probably say “the Vatican paid a million $ for 29 gay saunas”

  2. Every gym I’ve belonged to that had saunas had them segregated by sexes. So how can one tell if a sauna is gay? Is it the color of the towels? Is it the absence of towels? Is it something else? (perhaps a number of naked men in clerical collars?)

    • Generally the interior decoration is more tasteful than in a straight sauna and, the big give away – songs from the shows on the P.A.