The Freedom From Religion Foundation, an atheist group, is demanding that a southern Ohio middle school remove a framed photo of Jesus Christ. The photo has hung in the school building for several decades. The Madison Wisconsin-based group is citing an “unidentified complainant” in its crusade to have the removed from the public school.

A photograph of Jesus?!!

Those silly atheists will believe anything.


SAY JEEZ! — 5 Comments

  1. It can’t be Jesus.

    Like most of us, I can’t say what he did look like, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t look like that; he was more likely a bit more tanned, his hair was probably darker and not as well coiffed, and I’m sure his clothes would not have been as well launderedas those shown.

  2. Warner Salman, as I suspected (the artist whose original painting, in framed litho, is the “photo” in dispute).

    I dislike both sides here . . . but FFRF is, constitutionally, in the right.