It's interesting to note that the country with the least
number of handgun related deaths (by far) is also the
country whose police force does not routinely carry
handguns (or any guns for that matter).



  1. More than half of the mass shootings that have occured throughout the world in the last 50 or so years have happened in the United States.

    Yes, those who believe in American Exceptionalism, you are correct. We are exceptional.

    God Help us.

  2. I posted the following on the Anglodeacons listserve (a Yahoo group) in response to another posting:

    What you say is true. We do not do nearly enough to treat mental illness in this country.

    But what we really need is a change in attitude. Right now our Representatives and Senators are dealing with the so-called “fiscal cliff.” We face this situation because some people do not want their taxes to go up. Some people do not want to have “their money” spent on social programs (i.e. healthcare, both physical and mental; food stamps, unemployment benefits, housing assistance, etc.). Some of these same people, while not wanting “their money” spent on social programs, do want their money spent on “defense” (i.e. weaponry).

    If the statutory cuts go through we will have less money for social programs, less money for agencies such as the FDA, the USDA, the ATF, etc.

    We are willing to spend billions on the technology of death and mayhem, but unwilling to spend even a little bit on the very things people need the most.

    We buy guns to “protect” ourselves, but we are unwilling to spend money on efforts that might make such protection less necessary. My belief is this: if one is not a hunter who needs to provide food on the table, then one does not need a weapon.

    There are too many weapons and too much fear. We say we follow Jesus, but we want to be armed. We love to say “The Bible says…” but we do not do what Jesus said: We do not love our enemies. We dot not do good to those who harm us. We instead want an eye for an eye, or we want to get them before they get us.

    The rest of the world thinks we’re insane. Perhaps they are right.

  3. The poster is shocking and I agree with you. However, it does not reflect population differences. When these are factored in, for instance, firearms deaths in Canada per 100,000 in population are about one third of the US rate – a considerable difference still, but not quite so dramatic.