From UPI:

A spectator was removed from the crowd at a darts tournament in Britain when his resemblance to Jesus caused the crowd to chant toward him.

"Stand up if you love Jesus," the crowd chanted.

The Professional Darts Corporation said Nathan Grindal, 33, was escorted to another part of the venue to watch the match between Phil "The Power" Taylor and Belgian opponent Kim Huybrechts, as officials were worried the chants would be distracting to the players.

Grindal said he did not find the incident amusing.

Nathan Grindal: Jewish messiah, monster slain by Beowulf or just
an ordinary bloke who likes a game of darts? You must decide!


BULLY FOR JESUS — 4 Comments

  1. Of course many jews born in Nazareth throughout the past 3000 years have been white with red hair. It’s an obvious source of confusion among the learned people who frequent drinking establishments.

  2. Hair Nazis. Can you imagine if they’d decided to harrass every guy who “looked like Jesus” in, say, 1971???