I am now, most definitely, a full time internet priest (or whatever you want to call it). I receive no wages from any employer and I receive no welfare payments from the state. Yet, I put in over sixty hours every week keeping the OCICBW... blog up to date and entertaining and producing podcasted services which are enjoyed by up to two thousand people, from all over the world, every week.

At the moment I receive about £400 a month in donations from a whole load of good friends. A small proportion of this money goes towards the monthly costs of my internet ministry, for example the cost of hosting audio files on a server. The rest of the money goes towards keeping Mrs MP and me fed and warm. We survive but we have no money for big bills and extras. The problem is that big bills and extras pop up in respect of my internet running costs. This Christmas Appeal is a cry out for help in paying for these necessary extras.

I need money for:

The renewal of my annual podcasting licence through which I pay royalties for the music I use in my services and other podcasts. (£118.00)

The upgrading of my computer's internal hard drive so I can store all my files on my computer with a full back up on an external drive. At the moment I have files all over the place. (£147.00)

I would like to be in the financial position to also buy a proper microphone for my podcasting and a fireproof external hard drive for the safe back up of all my files.

Any monies I receive over and above the cost of these listed items would be spent on buying Mrs MP a proper Christmas present, buying food and drink for Christmas and getting myself some new clothes in the January sales (in that order).

Here is the widget you need to click on to make your donation. Absolutely any amount of cash will be greatly appreciated.

I provide a service and offer various products, but I do not sell these in the old fashioned, way of the world, way. Instead I embrace the new economy which relies on a different type of relationship between "buyer" and "seller." Maybe I'm a beggar and, if I am, I am happy with that (so was Saint Francis). But I prefer the title of busker. This means that those of you who decide to contribute to this appeal will be doing so on your own behalf and on behalf of those who enjoy my ministry but are not in a position to contribute financially towards it. That may not be Mitt Romney's way of doing business but he lost and the Kingdom of God moved a little bit closer. Together, we will continue to do our bit to make it even more of a reality.

Thank you.




  1. For the secure backup, you might want to look at something like Backblaze or another online service. There is a fee, but it’s very likely to be a lot less than a fireproof drive, and it takes no effort to keep things backed up securely.

    • That’s a good idea, Andrew. I think there is a company that sends you a gadget that you can transfer your data so that you don’t have to wait months for everything to be uploaded. I’ll look into it when I get my upgraded drive. Thanks.

  2. First! All and sundry remember that another painless way to contribute to Fr. Jonathon’s ministry is to use the Amazon widget on his blog when shopping online. That costs you nothing and puts a small commission in his account.

    What Andrew said. I use a cloud based backup service and it seems to work very well. Some will send you a high capacity flash drive to load files onto and send back as a method of establishing the baseline.

    I think we have chatted about this option in the past.