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  1. joining Laika, joining Molly the WonderDog, joining Kristin and so many others we have lost to temporary death. Jonathan — it’s not for all that long.

  2. Our relationship with our animal friends is most certainly the substance of poetry. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  3. Prayers for the emptiness that comes from losing a furry family member. Mimi made me aware and I want you to know you all are in my prayers. Blessings to you and your family at the hard time.

  4. Prayers for you and Mrs Madpriest and the other members in your family. Thanks to Mimi for such a lovely tribute to Glenna. May you find comfort in the wonderful memories Glenna has left you with to cherish and give you hope.

  5. Beautiful poem. Thank you, Mimi. From what you have posted here, Glenna was a wonderful and well-beloved dog, and I can see her now, in my mind’s eye, playing with all the other dogs and cats we, the readers of this blog, have known and loved through the years. I especially see her frolicking with my Keesha and Betsy, and my mother’s dogs Tom and Buddy, all five running up and down mountains and valleys filled with squirrels, butterflies, and wild flowers…