Pakistan's human rights body has strongly condemned the arrest of an 11-year-old Christian girl with Down syndrome after she was accused of "blasphemy". Tensions have caused around 600 Christians to flee the area.

The girl, identified as Rifta Masih from the rural area of Mehrabadi in Islamabad, was accused of burning a Noorani Qaida, a booklet used to learn the basics of the Holy Koran, last Thursday. It was also alleged that she had thrown the booklet in the garbage after putting it in a plastic bag. Following the accusation, which appears to be untrue, a mob demanded the arrest of the girl and threatened to burn houses belonging to Christians.

When the women from Pussy Riot were sentenced to two years in a penal colony last week, Christians throughout the world condemned the inappropriate punishment and accused the Russian Patriarch, Kirill, and his buddy, Putin, of unchristian behaviour. The arrest of this young girl in Pakistan is far more vile than the arrest of Pussy Riot (who are fully reasoning adults and who provoked the Russian establishment deliberately). Yet, will there be an outcry from enlightened Muslims throughout the world? No. You will not even hear mumbles of condemnation from Muslims now living in, and enjoying the freedoms and economic benefits of, secular democracies.

If Mohammed had been a tenth of a coward when it came to standing up against the brutish and ignorant aspects of his society as most Muslims are today there would be no Islam. To remain quiet when your faith is brought into disrepute by the evil actions of people claiming to be members of your faith is to share in the guilt of the offence.

To persecute a disabled child, whatever she may or may not have done, is an infinitely bigger blasphemy against Allah than the burning of every piece of Islamic literature in the world.



  1. {please don’t bite my head off}

    Is “Christian Today” a reputable source for a story of this kind? My hermeneutic-of-suspicion becomes instantly inflamed, when an Christianity-Uber-Alles-type publication publishes an “Aren’t those heathens-with-their-heathenism vile to God’s One True Faith?” story.

    Yes, as described, this is very disturbing. I’d trust the description more, if it had a secular source (sad but true!)