When I was attending loads of interviews and being turned down every time, one of the most common reasons I was given for being rejected was that I didn't come across as a strong enough leader. I tried to do something about this. I bought books on interview techniques and read them. I developed a confident persona even though inside I was full of self doubt. The first time I get the chance to put this confident attitude into practice I am turned down for being too forceful.

I would attempt to strike a happy medium but all of the clairvoyants I know are a singularly miserable lot.


YOU JUST CAN’T WIN — 5 Comments

  1. that ‘leadership’ crap bugs me. I am a quiet, behind the scenes person. When told I need to be a stronger leader, I ask them, ‘tell me what that looks like?’ I have yet to get a response other than a puzzled look. It’s just more buzz word mentality… Bless you MP –