Like most of the people who live on this planet, I know quite a lot about the head of state of the USA's office. I know how they are elected and what they can do without reference to Senate and Congress. I do not expect that anybody who does not live in the UK to know anything about the office of our head of state, our monarch. That is unless they decide to declare publicly their opinion on our monarchy. 

Since the Olympics I have read, over and over again, comments and quips about our Queen losing the ownership of other countries. I have read (over and over again) stuff by people, who claim to be educated to a reasonable standard, comments that show that they believe that our monarch "rules" in a "telling people what to do" and making laws way. I even read such uniformed drivel on a Canadian website which is effing ridiculous. 

Look, Wiki is your friend and urban myth is your enemy.
Gen up or shut up!



  1. Ever since +Gene was elected in New Hampshire, I have read, over and over again, that the Queen should do something, typically either forbid his consecration, or dismiss him along with those who consecrated him. It is as though the authors have not heard that anything was ever written in law or theology after the 39 Articles. ;;sigh;;

    These people, mostly Americans, move among us and freaking vote. Which may explain where Mr. Romney gets his base!


  2. Not only do they vote, but they breed in large numbers and unfortunately pass on their unwillingness to be informed to their offspring.

  3. MP, my understanding is that there is nothing (in the way of a written constitution) preventing the British Monarch from doing what he or she darn well pleases (other than the fact that Parliament may remind the Monarch of the fate that befell Charles I or perhaps cut off instead the Monarchy’s funding).

    I am just a uninformed former colonist however, so what do I know?

  4. It’s kept in a library at Westminster. You would no doubt feel at home there, Wilfried.

    And Americans making jokes about the decline of the British Empire is nothing other than Americans gloating about their own modern empire. It’s like an American rapper boasting about the size of his penis. Very juvenile and God help the rest of the world.

    • The doctrine of Manifest Destiny was originally coast to coast and pole to pole. However after the Canadians and the Mexicans refused to cooperate we were reduced to Some islands in the Pacific, Puerto Rico, and ruling the world through our collective wallet.

      Don’t worry, we’re probably going to waste the rest of our resources chasing angry Muslims and trying to win a trade war with China.

      Oops. I said I was going to be quiet. Well, after this I mean it (really).

  5. Strangely enough, I was somewhere in Middle School, I think, when I was taught the difference between the Head of Government (i.e. Prime Minister) and Head of State (i.e. Monarch)in the UK. I, too, despair when people speak as if Elizabeth had any real governmental control.

    The US, however, is crashing and burning, even as we speak, so, I imagine, soon we’ll get to listen to China joking about our losing our hold on the world. Empires (however defined) always die.