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The following is a conversation I had with various people (who will remain anonymous as I am sure they wouldn't want me to reveal their ignorance to the whole world) on Facebook.

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  1. Is that really the hat she was wearing? Since I’m a Yank, it would be bad form to criticize HRH, but it does look more like what we call “hat hair” than a hat.

    Maybe Mitt Romney has a comment for us?

  2. She is wearing the same clothes that she was wearing back in March when the film inside the Palace was shot. Good continuity. But she has always had a thing about weird looking hats.

  3. Apparently the NBC coverage sucked.

    US Time Magazine person of the year – You.
    London Olympic opening ceremonies – We.

    CTV coverage in Canada was excellent.Loved it, very Les Mis and we viewers were encouraged to think.:^)

    Bene D

  4. Yes, Bene, there is always too much ‘idiotic colour commentary’ on American TV. I shudder to think what they would do during a Cricket match. Dead air is the bane of broadcasting’s existence, you know.

    • It’s color commentary, not colour commentary; otherwise we’d have to speak british or canadian instead of american 😉

  5. God bless her indeed!

    By the way, Charlie, it’s ‘HM’ (Her Majesty). HRH (Her Royal Highness) is a title for a princess, not for the Queen.

    • What do you expect? We are a former Britsh colony that goes out of its way to be as un-British as possible.

      In person I might even say “Hi Betty, how ya doin?”

      So it’s proabably good that I’ll never have the opportunity.

    • Heck, I don’t care what you call her, even face to face. It just scares me that the citizens of the most interfering nation in the world prefer to be informed by mythology rather than facts. If a TV company in Britain (and not just the BBC) was to broadcast the lies and misinformation that American TV companies do regularly (you know, the stuff about socialism, gay people, national health services etc) they would have their licence to broadcast taken off them. And ask yourself, why is there such misinformation about Britain in the USA? Perhaps a small but powerful and rich section of your population are worried that the truth might set you free.

    • We owe it all to Fox News and the fact that whenever budgets are cut the first thing to go is education spending. How else can one explain the popularity of Sarah Palin, Micelle Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry and any of the Bushes.

  6. There were *moments* during the US coverage of the opening ceremonies, when the backstories helped.

    Mainly, they tried to tell us how we should feel about it. I kept telling them “SHADDUP!!!! Let me watch—and HEAR—it, and decide for myself!”

    Conversations re The Queen: boring. She’s not my queen, I don’t give a damn.

    • Re the opening ceremonies: after they tore down the pastoral countryside and put up the smokestacks, I kept thinking raging orcs were going to emerge from vats of goo! [i.e., Danny Boyle by way of Kiwi Peter Jackson ;-/]

  7. I thought Her Majesty was extremely game. God save and bless her! Of course, even though I am a citizen of the USA I feel she is partly my Queen since I lived in Canada during the first five years of her reign.

    My favo(u)rite part of the Opening Ceremonies was the extremely unexpected pairing of two things Britain is rightly proud of: children’s literature and the National Health Service!

    Mary Clara