You will have noticed that I have been banging on about a couple of issues recently, especially that of the unchristian treatment of the mentally ill by the bishops of the Church of England.

Do not panic!

I am not relapsing into depressive obsession. It is a campaign. I have grabbed the attention of people and I am running with it. My small axe has cut down big trees before and it will do again. It is my hope that just one of the 24000+ unique visitors to OCICBW... every month will be a person of influence and that they will read this stuff and feel either ashamed enough or encouraged enough to risk their future preferment in the Church of England by breaking ranks with the controllers of church practice and do something effective to change this awful situation of continuing ignorance that pervades the upper regions of the church hierarchy.

It could be you.


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  1. When a Brit says, “don’t panic”, I take him at his word! Be the rabbi. Be the prophet.

    “Arthur C. Clarke said Douglas Adams’ use of ‘don’t panic’ was perhaps the best advice that could be given to humanity.”