In a new book, Father Bernard Lynch, a gay Catholic priest who has incurred the wrath of the Vatican for his views supporting LGBT Catholics, not only says he is non-celibate; he reveals that he has been married to a man for the past 14 years, and has officiated over the weddings of many gay and lesbian Catholic couples. The Vatican, he says, is trying to “get rid” of him, while he has been operating a counseling program for closeted gay priests in London since 1992.

He also writes that he believes more than half of all priests are gay. And he blames the Catholic Church’s child abuse scandal on the celibacy rule.

"We enter seminary at the young age of 17. It is my belief that we were and are seriously arrested in our own psychosexual emotional development. As you know, unfortunately [with] a lot of priests who are guilty of the abuse of children, it's ephebophilia [sexual attraction to adolescents, usually aged 15 to 19], not pedophilia [attraction to prepubescent children]. In other words, they start off where they're left off. They start abusing kids who were their age when they entered seminary."

It's as good a suggestion as I've heard so far and it would explain my attraction to thirty two year olds.

And you might as well get the paperwork ready, Episcopalians. I foresee another one coming your way in the very near future.



  1. “it would explain my attraction to thirty two year olds”

    Cruising for a night alone on the couch, are we? ;-p

    Fr Bernard: Brick o’ The Day!

  2. Mrs. MP is already 32? Time does fly.

    The Episcopal Church doesn’t have a Congregation in London. Yet…

  3. Why are there more gays in the clergy than in the general population, even in churches that allow married clergy?

  4. Why are there more gays in the clergy than in the general population, even in churches that allow married clergy?

    Because we’re better than you.

  5. Oh Mad One you are a stirrer!

    It’s oft’ said that the church is a place
    You can feel quite at home in your lace
    But don’t fear if your way
    Is more Trollish than gay
    You’ll be welcomed whatever the case

  6. Give [us] your tired [of Vatican arrogance], your poor (at staying within the lines), your [restricted] masses yearning to be free…

  7. Charlie, all you’ll get are the clergy, which you don’t need more of. The masses will either shrug and ignore the bishops or just drop out. Only a small minority of Catholics will become Mainline Protestants and they usually don’t bring their kids with them.
    Considering present statistics, you’ll have one clergy member for every lay member by 2035; unfortunately, you’ll be down to one member by 2049, should present trends continue.
    But cheer up-it will almost certainly be a member of a sexual minority, although statistically your chances of the last member being an ethnic or racial minority are pretty low.

    • I think trolls are less popular than clergy. I think trolls are less popular than politicians, bankers, serial killers, door to door vacuum cleaner salesmen and even Jehovah’s Witnesses. So a troll dissing any other group of people is pretty much the saddest thing I’ve ever come across. Sad because the troll doesn’t realise how hated he himself is.

  8. NixonisLord – We know you, you know we do, and it scares you. Why is that? You’re not hidden, you know. We see through you, and Josef Goebbels made the Big Lie old hat . . . to intelligent people. Unfortunately, that’s what you’re dealing with – intelligent and insightful people – so we know the statistics you quote are worthless, simply an idealized symbol of anecdotal evidence.

    You could avail yourself of our help, if you would simply acknowledge your need of community.

  9. Intelligent and insightful people usually have jobs, though, don’t they? Like me.
    The statistics are your own and quoted on any publicly available site on the web. Either these sites are lying or you’re sinking to the lowest “reductio at Hitlerum”-which says nothing good about either your mental health or your morals or your intellectual ability to deal with (please let me remind you)your own statistics, paid for by the leaders of your own church.
    “Idealized symbol of anecdotal evidence” has about as much meaning as “Celebrate our diversity!” in the mouths of those who belong to churches over 95% White and middle/upper middle class.

    • OMG! That has to be the laziest, most juvenile response ever. Even for a troll it’s unimaginative in the extreme. I deserve better trolls. My current batch are so boring.