Citizens of the United States of America will earn themselves 100 days off purgatory for getting through this record. Everybody else gets zilch. I'm not giving you days of purgatory and a good laugh. That would be far too generous even for a gracious blogmeister like myself. US citizens who burst out laughing whilst listening will also forfeit their right to the 100 day purgatory break.



  1. Sounds just like the guy standing next to me the l
    last time I heard it sung in pubic….heh heh!

  2. Sounds just like the guy standing next to me the l
    last time I heard it sung in pubic….heh heh!

  3. Susan, he might have sheet music in front of him.

    That has to be among the worst recordings of an English drinking song ever recorded. Although, compared to some famously bad items like Rosanne Barr’s World Series appearance, I suppose it has its charm.

    I got through the whole song without laughing, albeit it was close. I am claiming my 100 days.


  4. I’m claiming my 100 days as well.

    Maybe we could get him to record “God Save the Queen” (or whatever it’s real name is) along with “O Canada” (although I’ve heard some pretty bad renditions of that at hockey games).

    Are there any other National Anthems we could insult?

    • Well, I would be totally in favour of the insulting of the Italian national anthem. It was played before every Italy match during the European (football) Cup last month and Italy got to the finals. It’s long and extremely boring. I was fed up of listening to it after the first time they played it. So, go head on. Do your worst!

  5. Francis Scott Key’s (the one who wrote these words) had a son who fought for the Confederacy. Clearly this song has only limited inspirational effect.
    This anthem is way too hard to sing. You have to either be a professional singer or tanked to get through it properly and while neither professionally trained voices nor inebriation should be sneered at, a national anthem needs to be easier to sing for most people at most times.