Cyclists in cities around the world have taken part in the World Naked Bike Ride. Started in 2004, the clothing-optional protest aims to promote cycling as a greener mode of transportation, and encourage a body-positive culture. San Francisco, London, Madrid, Amsterdam and Guadalajara were among the cities that took part this year.

Well, that all sound like good, clean fun, but not if you are a Roman Catholic, of course. Here's a wonderful piece of paranoia written by Francis Phillips at THE CATHOLIC HERALD:

The website of the WNBR also informs us that “Seattle has a well-established naked bike ride during the Summer Solstice Parade.” Mention of the “solstice” suggests there is a neo-pagan element to this gathering. Apparently witches’ Sabbaths always include nakedness and lewd behaviour, presumably as a deliberate affront to Christian modesty and self-restraint. So there is a dodgy sub-plot here.

... which is a load of godbollocks if you ask me.

As a matter of interest has anyone noticed Sam Norton in the London photo at the top?



  1. Naked Londoners look as pasty as naked Seattlites. Not that I’ve ever witnessed the naked bike ride in Seattle, of course.

  2. We had one of those rides in New Orleans too. But there’s a reason people wear clothes, other than for protection, and I think we’ve just seen it.

  3. It doesn’t look like a very diverse crowd to me-more like Something White (middle/upper middle class) People Like. Much like Mainline Protestantism, come to think of it.

  4. And what are you, troll? You talk like a white, middle class man. Of course, because of your personality disorder you probably have a shit job or no job at all. But that doesn’t make you working class. It just makes you unpleasant to be around.

  5. Actually, I have a job with a pretty good salary-and a generous benefits package.
    Ever hear “The truth of a proposition is not a function of its origin”? Or “When someone points at the moon, the idiot looks at the finger”?
    How does lecturing someone you think has a personality disorder help treat him? Either you don’t really think I have a personality disorder and you’re just trying to exercise your Prophetic Ministry of Progressive Righteous Shaming or your treatment of me will be even more ineffective their your doctors’ psychiatric treatment of you.

  6. And even a shit job would be morally better than mooching off my wife and the government because “I am a priest and I can’t see myself stacking shelves.”

  7. Oh yeh, that really hurt. I’m rolling around the floor in agony.

    But the thing is, I’m not the nutter who gets his kicks out of leaving anonymous comments on successful, popular blogs. You are. Which makes you the loser. But then you’ve always been a loser and you always will be. And, at least I’ve got a wife. The nearest you get to love and affection comes courtesy of your right hand.

    Insignificant tosser.

    • Your comments have all the charm of faith and liturgy and the pathetic excuses for “Progressive Activists” bloating the blogosphere.
      If this is “success and popularity”, enjoy it. And don’t forget to celebrate your diversity!

    • I love it when we wind you up. I sit here imagining you getting all cross and trying to come up with a witty reply. But you never do. It’s always the same old thing over and over again. Why is that? Are you mentally retarded, senile or just as thick and unimaginative as cold custard. I reckon it’s a mixture of all three because you are so good at being a twat.

      You might have children, but we all know they hate you for what you did to them when they were kids, paedo-troll.

  8. Oh, and you’re raving in your first comment. Raving like a looney. But then why would that surprise anyone?

    And what are the generous benefits? As many packs of Kleenex as you need for those quality moments with your hand and your favourite gay porn tube?

    • Ah, no: medical and dental and retirement.
      And my wife and children would disagree with you. Yes, offspring-something you and your paycheck provider will never have. But the blog and two dogs must be so much better to have than actual children. Or employment.

  9. Hell on Wheels. [That’s just those legal-to-show dunlops, top pic, not anything else!] There really were righteous aspects to those Eve-invented fig leaves, people.

    Do Not Feed The Troll.

  10. I’m not feeding the troll. I’m playing with it. Like a cat plays with a dead sparrow. Well not quite like that as a dead sparrow has more intelligence and a more sparkling personality than the troll. To be honest, it’s so easy beating the troll that I am no better than a schoolyard bully picking on the snotty little kid who pees his trousers when someone says “boo!” to him.

  11. Oh, hurry up, Mr Sparrow. Come back at me. I can’t wait to show everybody how clever I am and how pathetically predictable and lacking in wit you are.

  12. Looks pretty much like what you see on the clothing optional beaches in FL. Only the beaches aren’t quite as densely populated as this nude cycling event appears to be. Well, we do have Cypress Cove here – a well known naturist center in central Florida.

    Funny how people often assume that folks who look like supermodels are the only ones to be found at clothing optional events/locations. Not at all. Couldn’t be further from the truth. And I have to say – I’ve been treated a lot more respectfully out at Apollo Beach (one of our clothing optional beaches) than I am in my office every day.

  13. Must be nice, to have nothing better to do in life than to anonymously troll someone’s blog. Wow. Such mature, adult behavior.


    Says more about the troll than it does about Jonathan, that’s for sure.

  14. It’s not just popular or successful blogs, either. Google “NixonisLord” and you’ll find it sprays everywhere! It also has a piss-poor job when it wants, a great job when it wants, and no job at all when it wants.

    There really is a mental illness in this particular troll (and, yes, we know who you are, anonymous) and that makes me sorry for them. Such fear. Such hate. It must consume them.

  15. I think a blog and a man and a cat are far preferable to snot-nosed, screaming hooligans. There’s a reason I don’t have kids. Don’t want ’em. Never felt any kind of maternal so-called “instinct” either. Social pressure to have kids, yes. But a maternal instinct? Nope.

  16. One of the reasons we know who you are is that you comment on other blogs only when the blogger speaks of you on someone else’s blog. Call yourself whatever names you like –

    The newest one, btw, for everyone’s benefit, is Turnip Ghost. What sort of self-hate must there be for someone to call themselves the flatulence following consumption of a root vegetable?

  17. The troll has no children, Tracie. He lies because he is sick. Really in need of help. In a civilized society, he wouldn’t have been left to simply fend for himself, but would’ve been given help. I’m in the same place, but have been blessed in having all of you and a good family and rl friends.