I read this comment elsewhere:

I do not think "straight" people have a say in whether or not to "out" closeted people. It's the same principle as the understanding that White people can't use the "N" word while people of color can.

Okay, so that means only gay people with one leg can out another one legged gay person, I guess.


It is one of my most profound sadnesses that the oppressed look to their oppression as the only thing special about themselves and fight for the right to be regarded as the most oppressed. This leads to so much fighting between different groups of oppressed people (black v. gay, worker v. immigrant etc) that the oppressors must be pissing themselves laughing at us all.

My name is MadPriest and I am mad. That doesn't make me in the slightest bit better or more important or more oppressed than anybody else who is struggling against the powers and dominions of this fucked up world. Which is why I rarely talk about it preferring instead to poke my nose into other people's problems.

So sue me for caring.



  1. When the oppressed begin to take on the identity the oppressors assign, when American African-Americans assign certain traits based on color of skin, or women see women as less capable, the oppressors have won.


  2. Yes. If there was no such thing as bigotry in the world there would be no such thing as an African american. There would just be Americans. This is because we all create our our own culture. If a blind African American was never told he was black he would not claim a separate culture to the people of the community he lived in. Culture is about bigotry unless everybody’s culture belongs to everybody.

  3. Hmmm….. I think you may have something there, but yet, I think there is a touch of another perspective. Remember that one difference between our countries, is that almost our entire population is from somewhere else in the last few centuries. The First People came from somewhere else, they just did it before the rest of us.

    I think that changes our views a bit.

    I do not want to give up my Hungarian & Rom cultures, I do want to share what is lovely and loving about them. The exclusionary culture here arises when the powerful undervalue my, the First People, the Jewish, and so many other cultures. What we have, they do not choose to see as beautiful. And they are wrong.

    Sometimes the dominant culture gets it right. “Black” music is one case. And because they listened, and listened to musicians who took something of Europe and something of our South to make new forms, we have Jazz, hip-hop, and other expressions. Sometimes they will even eat our food!

    Italian and Greek cooks have made their cuisines as are those that arose in the South among slaves and freed people, major parts of the American palate.

    But in way too many ways for way too many people, the exclusion, the social prejudice continues. And now the freaking GO is trying to make it an institutionalized part of our culture so that women know their place. Funny no one would dare suggest Black people know theirs anymore.


  4. You don’t have to give up your culture unless you want to. But if I want to own Rom culture then I should be allowed to because there is absolutely no logical reason why I shouldn’t. You learned your culture. I could learn your culture. You could learn mine. The nationality thing in the USA is an invention once you get passed the immigrating generation. Culture is not passed on in our genes. It is forced upon us when we are young by people who want their gang to be regarded as more special than everybody else’s gang. Culture may not be what starts most wars but it is what persuades people with nothing to gain from a war to lay down their lives for some rich bastard’s further enrichment.