Now that a very high number of English bishops are not only tolerating gay priests setting up home with same sex partners but, in many cases, giving them their blessing, sometimes quite openly (I could cite examples but I'm not going to), does this mean that straight clergy can shack up with their straight partners without getting married and without facing any disciplinary actions from their bishops?

Either gay sex in a faithful, life long relationship is wrong or it is right. If it is righteous then there is absolutely no reason why same sex couples can't get married just like straight couples and become subject to the same expectations of behaviour. If it is righteous but the Church of England continues to bar gay couples from matrimony then the Church has to allow straight couples to have sexual relationships without getting married.


A QUESTION — 5 Comments

  1. There you go being reasonable again. The church under its current leadership (January cannot come too soon!) does not do reason it caters to the prejudices of its least rational members.


  2. Yes, well, I have a problem. When things get too illogical I go mad. I’ve spent ten years trying to make sense of my life and just as I’m beginning to succeed I’ve noticed that the world is full of complete nonsense. Now I feel like I don’t belong.