I haven't mentioned donations for a couple of months. I was really hoping that "New Words for Holy Communion" would take off and that I would eventually be able to live off the earnings from it. But, to be honest, it hasn't done very well at all. In fact, I'm selling fewer copies this month than last month. The reviews have been great, darlings! But they haven't translated into sales unfortunately. On top of this disappointment I have lost a few regular monthly donations recently and I'm running out of CDs to sell on eBay.

So, as it is the beginning of the month, when the bills land on my doormat, I would be grateful for any small change you may have to help me keep my head above water. I received a generous gift from a friend recently which means that, for the first time since August 2012, Mrs MP and me will be able to get away for a weekend (maybe two) in our old caravan this summer. I am really looking forward to that even though it will only be to a site forty miles down the road. The problem is that, before we can tow the caravan anywhere it needs to be serviced (£100 plus parts) and its floor needs relaminating (£150) or we will fall through it. I can just about survive on the donations I receive each month (about £450 now) but any surprise costs or luxuries like a weekend break are beyond our financial resources.

I will be carrying on with the writing of "New Words." Maybe the word will get round eventually and, anyway, I find it useful myself when I am putting together St. Laika's Sunday services.

Another way to help me financially is to buy Amazon products via my Amazon shop. Details of how to do this can be found on the right hand side bar.

"New Words for Holy Communion" is a monthly resource of all new prayers, intercessions, acclamations, biddings and blessings for use in the Eucharist on each Sunday and principal feast of the church year.

For a sample CLICK HERE

It is available by monthly subscription at a cost of just £2.49 (slightly less than $4.00 U.S.) per issue. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. Click on the button below to order. You do not need your own PayPal account to do so.

For a single copy (also priced at £2.49) use this widget:


For those of you who are technologically advanced this format is ideal for church services as it reduces the paperwork you have to carry around in church to zero.

For the US edition CLICK HERE.

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It should also be available on other Amazon sites. Just go to the Kindle section and type "New Words For Holy Communion" in the search box.




  1. MP, I tried to order my May issue of “New Words” but the order failed. And as it failed, I realized it said “April 2012” and there was no way to change it to May 2012. The prompt said I could try again later, and I will. I was just wondering if, after the first screen, (I don’t use Paypal, I’m using the “buy now” option) I get, like I did for April, an option to say which issue I’m ordering. Of course, it would have been nice for the thingy to say why it failed, but it didn’t seem to know! Fun.