I received the following "anonymous" comment on my post

"Too obvious-what are the other choices? Don't get a job? Don't have children? Don't go to work? Don't save for your old age? Don't act normal?
We can't all act like you."

Today's quiz question is:

Name one other person from history to whom this accusation applies perfectly.

I'm going to feel all justified, all day.



  1. Esus-Jay of Azareth-Nay?

    [Anon, you COULD act like MP, but CHOOSE not to. We love the sinner, but hate the sin!]

  2. Well, he knew he’d be dead and back but then gone in his early 30s, so marriage and old age savings were beside the point and he was luck to find people willing (or stupid)enough to keep feeding him; what’s your excuse?

  3. That I’m a damn sight more useful to other people than you are and I have friends. If I found myself trolling round the internet anonymously trying to be a smart arse wind up merchant I think I would kill myself in order to make the world a happier place. Look at yourself, man. What have you become?

  4. he knew he’d be dead and back

    You acknowledge that, Anon? Pretty awesome, huh?

    Why not try modeling your life after him?

  5. How do you know this? The same way you believe you can wave your hands around and change bread and wine?
    Good luck with that-it’s a real growth area of the economy.
    And thanks for the suggestion of suicide-thanks for the pastoral sensitivity. Good thing you shoot blanks-hate to think of some poor tots stuck at home with you for a role model.

  6. Well, I think we all know who you are, “anonymous,” and you’ve suggested suicide for . . . well, pretty much all of us at some point. What’s more pastoral than speaking in a language you relate to? I mean, really, if you get down to it, why would that upset you, with your “only-the-strong-survive” attitude? It’s not even a real threat to someone like you, simply a cold-blooded option, given that you are an atheist. Is it because you find that it really isn’t as pleasant to receive as to give? Why? We are the strong, after all. We’re the survivors. We’re the ones who are the only truly “entitled” in your worldview – you have to get rid of religion, get rid of the needy, get rid of this that and the other just to have any hope of any passing happiness. You’re weak.

    Look at it logically: it’s a valid suggestion, by your worldview – you produce nothing here, live off the work of others’ posts, feed off others’ unhappiness. From all we can see, you are a parasite. Jonathan’s just called you on that.

  7. Did you know your link to Louis Crew’s Files on Living Bishops doesn’t work?

  8. I know it because of what you do. No normal person with a functional social life and the ability to relate normally with other people would spend their time being an anonymous troll on the websites of people who you are jealous of like a parasite. You condemn yourself by your text book behaviour.

  9. I never noticed you had a link to Louis Crew’s Files on Living Bishops.

    Who’d want to talk to them? The dead ones are more interesting, and, in TEC, no less powerful.

  10. It just occurred to me what that means!

    Since I don’t allow anonymous comments, and it had to speak here, that means that it has finally reached the end of its imagination for screen-names — I did think “Turnip Ghost” was really digging down to the bottom of the compost pile, even for a complete Shemp.

  11. Oh, and don’t use my links unless you pay, you anonymous layabout.

    I don’t want you sponging off my hard work in establishing those links just so you don’t have to get off your ass and do anything!

  12. For some reason, JCF, Blogger has decided you are person of ill repute or something and it keeps dumping your comments straight into the spam box. An understandable mistake but as I keep telling them you’re not a spammer I think they are now being plain rude.