Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams has announced he is to stand down in December.

He is stepping down and will take the position of Master of Magdalene College at the University of Cambridge from January 2013, his website says.

The Crown Nominations Commission (CNC) will consider "in due course" the selection of a successor.

The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, said he had received the news "with great sadness".

"The last decade has been a challenging time for the Church of England and the Anglican Communion. Thankfully, Archbishop Rowan is a remarkable and gifted leader who has strengthened the bonds of affection. Despite his courageous, tireless and holy endeavour, he has been much maligned by people who should have known better. For my part he has been God's apostle for our time."" he said in a statement.

Oh, dear. I think he probably means us. Slapped wrists everybody.

Don't bother trying to get through to Rowan Williams' website. It has crashed.

OCICBW... has been appointed the official bookmaker for the succession race and I will be posting the odds for the main contenders shortly.  However, if you want to put money on me, Jeffrey John or Gurdur from the Heathen Blog, you can do so now and name your own odds.


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