Sheila, over at the GOOD NEWS IN THE WILDERNESS blog, has posted an open letter to "Churches Seeking New Members." It contains some great advice such as this:

No stalking – please don’t run out of the church and down the street chasing after us to tell us you were glad to see us (and, yes, that really happened). When you act like it’s a miracle of God that you have visitors, it freaks us out. We may or may not fill out an information card, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like you, it may just mean we found everything we needed on your website.



  1. I’ve got a worse one, Sheilah – well, from the pov of member of the particular church.

    Running after me to tell me how glad you are to see me and how much you’ve missed me and where’ve I been after I’ve been out a few Sundays. Most I know feel they’ve just been upbraided for missing church, and I feel like – if you missed me so much, why the hell didn’t you call to see if anything was wrong, or at least contact someone to see about me.