Whilst I was off celebrating Mrs MP's birthday with a walk across the North York Moors above Osmotherley, two of my longstanding friends celebrated blogiversaries  of note.

LKT's excellent THE INFUSION blog was five years old yesterday and The Cajun's ON TRANSMIGRATION reached six years old on the same day.

These are both blogs that I have followed assiduously since pretty much the start of my own blog. Sometimes I feel quite proud of my own blogging efforts but sometimes I feel they are rather shallow when compared to those of my friends. One thing is for certain, I greatly respect my fellow bloggers who bring gravitas to the blogging experience with their erudite and righteous postings. LKT and The Cajun are most definitely erudite and righteous. May their blogs live long and continue to prosper.



  1. You are way, way too kind–as well as ridiculous for thinking your blog is in any way shallow. The themes you follow, the thoughts you post, the issues you highlight, and the work you put in make a tremendous impact. Any naughty jokes that end up here are other people’s fault anyway. You do great work, sir, and I salute you and owe you greatly. Blessings.

  2. Well, thank you, LKT. Although I must insist that I am telling the truth when I say that I greatly respect the bloggers in my neighbourhood, especially the ones who cover the serious stuff seriously. Of course, this respect does not extend to Grandmère Mimi. The barely legal things that woman posts on Wounded Bird should not be allowed. Impressionable young minds like my own are in constant danger of being contaminated by such filth.