So we're like one big family are we? In that case what Rowan William is saying is that if a son in a real life family discerns that he is gay and if his father might be a bit upset to find that out, then the son should remain in the closet and avoid getting into a loving relationship for the rest of his life.

Take a look at Rowan's face right at the very end of this video - just before the fade out.



  1. I can’t lose my job by saying what I originally posted either … but I didn’t think it that constructive.

    It reminds me of the old story about two electoral candidates invited to speak on the same platform. One turns up drunk and sits there belching for a few moments before vomiting violently over the stage. His opponent turns to the audience and says, “Look at the sort of person you would be electing if you voted for him!”
    When it is his turn the drunken candidate stands up, lurches to the microphone and says, “I apologise for my behaviour, ladies and gentlemen, but I can’t listen to that man without being sick.”

    I was in sympathy with the drunk as I watched the presentation.

  2. I quit watching after the first lie – about how it being drawn up after consultation with pretty well everyone in the Anglican Communion. That is when I got sick and had to stop. I am not proud of this. I’m just sayin’…
    I’ve muted the sound so I can get to the end and see the look.

    Oooo, that’s not good.

  3. Yes, that first lie happened, what, about ten seconds into the vid? Like you, Lois, that was when I realised that this wasn’t going to be an objective appraisal of the situation by the Archbishop.

  4. I do not mind some dishonesty. In any politician and the Archbishop is more that than cleric, I expect it. But this is so amazingly dishonest. Lesbian and gay persons from across the communion were literally begging to be heard and were systematically excluded by the arch-homophobe and his mercenaries. The simple fact is that the committee went into hiding, with its secret membership to exclude any voice other than Dr. Williams and his haters. He got exactly what he wanted.

    I especially like the bishop (speaking of paid-off mercenaries) calling the opponents hysterical. Really, was it us or him calling people fascists? And who i it who has finally counted the votes and discovered the Engish actually cannot be fooled? 😉


    • So sad… (don’t know if I am replying to JimB or the thread in general). Some of us had had so much hope when he was named. Now, I hate to say it, the sentiment is more like scorn.