... are more friendly girls.

The Girls Friendly Society was founded in England in 1875 and Princess Mary became a strong supporter. When she married in 1922, the Society raised £1600 for a wedding present. The princess returned £500 insisting the Society bought the caravan (pictured above) to use for publicity purposes. It apparently undertook 80 tours during the following 14 years. (Info from The Caravan Club)

As far as I can make out the Society is still in existence. In fact there is a branch in Durham, which I expect is made up of local girls as the students are quite toffee nosed and definitely not at all friendly unless your financial prospects are exceedingly good. There's a Scottish Girls Friendly Society, although do remember the Scottish definition of "friendly" is markedly different to that of the rest of the United Kingdom.

There are branches all over the world. I understand it was popular with Episcopalians in the United States. In fact, I believe that our good friend, JCF, was thrown out of the American branch for reasons that have never been disclosed.

The Girls Friendly Society is, as its name suggests, for girls only. However, it is rumoured that the bastion of traditional high churchiness, the DIOCESE OF WENCHOSTER, has a Friendly Boys Society and I suggest you contact the diocesan office for details of where they meet. I am told that the location for meet ups changes regularly and is texted to members three hours before each meeting starts.



  1. I’m not sure of the exact details of JCF’s disgrace, but putting his age down as 18, when he was in his mid forties, couldn’t have helped.

  2. Cute post, MP!

    The Girls Friendly Society is quite strong in Dublin, by the way. My landlady was a strong supporter and adult sponsor and she talked about it a lot.

  3. We had a line item in our budget at San Cristóbal for the Girls Friendly Society. I wanted to pass the money to the Youth Group but there were folks on the vestry who were sure they could get the GFS going again.

  4. I was a member of the GFS at my parish in New Jersey as a girl. I have never seen an organization have such disgusting levels of nepotism at all levels (within the US). I was in the Girl Scouts, played recreational sports, and never saw an organization that punished girls that badly for not having Susie Homemaker moms who were involved in the organization, from the parish up through the national levels.

    On the flip side, they did send me as an alternate to Triennial, which is where I discovered I loved General Convention, but it was actually supposed to be a bit of a booby prize – no one else wanted to go.

  5. Well that swings it for me. If you can’t be friends with young, Allie, I don’t think you could be friends with anyone. Heck, Allie will speak to anybody. So, I won’t be joining the GFS. I shall find out what Wenchoster’s friendly boys have to offer.

  6. I’m not sure how the organization is in the UK, the few GFS members I met from the UK seemed decent, but faking that for a week isn’t hard. How’s Boy’s Friendly?

  7. I don’t know, Allie. Saintly Ramblings won’t let me near them. I have a sneaking suspicion he has them all locked up in his vestry.

  8. JCF, you can be such a woman at times.

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