Today is International Work For Nothing Day. All those workers who get paid an annual salary split up into monthly or weekly payments will not be getting any extra money for working on this extra leap year day. Throughout the world bosses will be rubbing their hands in glee as they sit back and watch the return to slavery they so fervently desire. Billions of extra dollars etc. will be making they way into the bank accounts of the slaveowners.

Of course, those workers who still get paid on a hourly basis will actually be earning a bit of extra cash this year.



  1. Not quite ture – there was a news report a cople of days ago that when challenged, some companies said that their salaried workers are paid for a 366-day year every year, and that therefore every three years out of four they get paid an extra day for doing nothing. Things are not always as black or white as we sometimes think.

  2. Oh, yeah? Even if that was true the bosses still get an extra day out of you in practice every four years. personally I would file such disingenuous claims in the BS file.

  3. Did you know that this is also International Lurkers Day? While no longer a Lurker here, tax season busy-ness makes me feel like one!