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Okay, it is unlikely that the Bishop of York will be endorsing it as enthusiastically as he has been promoting England's number one tits and scandal rag (see below), but this does not mean that the arrival of the April issue of my liturgical resource, "New Words For Holy Communion," is any less a momentous occasion as the relaunch of the "News Of The World," (Whoops! I meant the launch of "The Sun On Sunday").


Dig the cover!

Dirty sheep,
Good Shepherd;
get it?

Now, I realise that most of you would really love to flip the bird at a certain rich and foxy media mogul and I can think of no better way of achieving this than making my humble prayer resource more popular than his new alternative to going to church on Sunday, even though (and I realise this will be a major disappointment to some of OCICBW...'s readers) my periodical contains no photographs whatsoever of topless models of any gender. Woody Allen types may get some dubious pleasure from the photo of naked sheep on the front cover this month, but my aim is not to titillate but to help the people of God do interesting worship.

The cost of each monthly issue is only £2.49 (just less than $4.00 U.S.). It is available by monthly subscription but you can cancel your subscription at any time - there is no minimum subscription period. Payment is via PayPal. Subscribers will be sent each new issue approximately one month before the month covered.

So, for the second issue of "NEW WORDS FOR HOLY COMMUNION" by Jonathan Hagger (that's me) which covers the month of April 2012 (including provision for Maundy Thursday and Good Friday) just click on the subscription button below and follow the instructions. Your copy for the month will then be sent direct to you by email.


You can now buy a single copy of "New Words For Holy Communion" by clicking on the "Buy" button below. You should not need a PayPal account of your own in order to make your purchase. But do bear in mind that future issues will not be sent to you automatically. You will have to remember to buy each edition although I will be promoting them heavily on this blog as I really need the money.


All the material in "New Words For Holy Communion" is strongly linked to the gospel reading of the day based on the Common Lectionary. It is a truly international and ecumenical resource but it also provides extra material for national peculiarities such as Mothering Sunday in England.

Jonathan reflects, in a modern way, the words and meter of our traditional prayer books. He has also made sure that the new words will fit seamlessly into all orders of service so that congregations will not be confused or worried about changes and innovation.

Each new issue will be sent to subscribers in PDF form already formatted in an easy to read, large print font. The PDF can be printed out and shared electronically with colleagues within the subscribing congregation. It can be altered to fit in with local customs and styles.

Jonathan decided to embark on this project to fulfil his own requirements. To be honest he got a little bit bored with saying the same thing every service and he was also dissatisfied with the failure of many of the set wordings to refer accurately to the theme of the gospel for the day. However, he was aware that it was very time consuming and expensive to compile a new liturgy every week. He was also aware that most congregations are wary of innovation if not downright hostile. So he used to arrive at services laden down with a pile of books which contained alternative words for those parts of the service spoken only by the presiding minister.

"New Words For Holy Communion" provides alternatives for the set words spoken by the minister in just one, user friendly resource. In stead of a pile of books only a few sheets of A4 paper are required. This makes it an ideal resource for busy leaders of eucharistic worship who want to add difference and relevance to their services without scaring and upsetting the people in the pews. It is Jonathan's main aim to ensure that at the end of the eucharist those who have been present fully understand what the "big idea" of the gospel reading has been that day. He believes that in "New Words For Holy Communion" he has achieved this aim.

You may print out as many copies of all, or part of, each issue like and distribute them to anybody who needs them. However, Jonathan would be grateful if you would restrict such copies to members of only those places of worship in which you personally minister. But do hand out one sample (even a whole PDF) to anybody you think may be interested in purchasing "New Words For Holy Communion." Jonathan cannot afford to advertise outside of his own webpage and blog, so your promotion of his work among your friends and colleagues would be very much appreciated. He encourages you to alter the words to suit the particular needs of your congregations and, of course, to add words to make the prayers relevant to the spiritual needs of those with whom you share in worship. Jonathan's hope is that his small contributions to the liturgy of the Church will be a blessing upon all who use them.



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    I highly recommend this publication.

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