The more you commit to the teachings of Jesus Christ and include what you have learnt from them into your own life, the more you will suffer like Christ. I am not saying that you will suffer more than anybody else, I am saying you will suffer more like Jesus suffered. In Old Testament times, the people of God believed that God inflicted suffering upon them to test them or punish them. But they did not have the coherent understanding of evil that was given to us by Jesus Christ. I do not believe that God, the Father, inflicts suffering on his children. I believe that all human suffering is the result of there being evil in the world. Furthermore, as I believe that goodness has intelligence, I also believe in intelligent evil. I think that if you keep your head down and cause no ripples on the waters of everyday evil you will suffer only everyday evils. But, if you stand up and condemn the really big evils in our world and people start to listen to you, then that evil that possesses intelligence and self awareness will become aware of you. When this happens you are drawn into the battle in which Jesus was killed. Your only hope is to do as Jesus and Mary did and let everything be according to God's word trusting that God will protect us as he promised our ancestors that he would.

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