One of the ploys of homophobes, from the trolls that hang around here to organisations such as Anglican Mainstream, is to try and persuade people that same sex relationships are physically unhealthy. But it strikes me that the most dangerous sexual practice by far is straightforward, heterosexual, missionary position sex when the man is not wearing a condom. This is for the very simple reason that such activity often leads to the woman becoming pregnant and worldwide pregnancy is the number one killer of young women. When you add to this the carnage of miscarried babies the death toll becomes astronomically high.

So if the moralists of hatred are really that concerned about everyone's health they should proclaim the utter immorality and downright perverseness of heterosexual sex and promote the alternatives. Maybe these alternatives do have their own risks but they are a damn sight safer than trying for a baby.



  1. WHILE, of course, they close their eyes and think of England.

    Well, I really clicked on the comments to say this is another example of delightful logic. Well done, MP!

  2. Not to mention that they then insist on imposing their sexuality on society, expecting the rest of us to simply be pleased to see them out in the parks and streets with their strollers and carriers full of evidence of their fornication. Meanwhile, they insist that I – a sexually-continent, morally-responsible citizen, pay taxes to help keep the children that they could ill-afford schooled and fed!

    Naturally, too, we are expected to have no say in the moral upbringing of these little packets of disease and expense – thus we are paying to keep their parents’ moral retrogradation alive, promulgated, and approved of, as we are supposed to thank them – thank them! – for their public indecency.

    [Thought I’d put it in terms that the hard-right, Jesus=capitalist/libertarian/republican terms that these heterosexualists can understand]

  3. There is this cliché that we are all having a great time partying, but actually we know, and the research is now showing, there are a hell of a lot of unhappy gay people; far higher rates of depression, anxiety and suicide than among straight men; far higher rates of self-destructive behaviour; substance abuse and sex addiction; and high levels of issues around intimacy and forming relationships.

    Evidence shows that gay men are more than twice as likely to attempt suicide. A research project at London’s University College hospital found “significantly higher” rates of mental illness among gay men than their straight peers…”We have more expendable income, more expensive houses, more fashionable cars, clothes, furniture than just about any other cultural group. But are we truly happier?”

  4. I don’t know, Mad Priest. There I was feeling perfectly happy and contented in my nice log home in the woods – just so cozy in my gayness.

    Then unexpectedly I started reading all the hateful things people are saying about gays and lesbians. And then I realized that I’m still not allowed to marry a partner in this state. That got me recollecting how my life was turned upside down when the Navy decided to discharge me for being gay – at first they were going to make me repay the whole dang scholarship, but the university intervened. Then I remembered the Halloween I was in Key West and some straight boy didn’t like my costume and got in my face and told me I should be shot…

    After all that thinking I started to get rather depressed…

    Then I remembered the study done by Dr. Evelyn Hooker which found that no evidence of increased mental illness etc. amongst gay men in comparison with straight men. That well adjusted gay men compared favorably in numbers etc to their heterosexual counterparts.

    So then I decided that the troll was just full of shit.

  5. Yes, gay boys and girls would be ever so much more gay, in the happy sense, if they busied themselves by pretending to be other people. Always an excellent antidote for poor mental health.

  6. They should just step back and admit they don’t like gay people. They don’t have to , of course any more than I have to like dark creatures who live under bridges and tell lies. But I do try not to tell lies. I think there’s a commandment about that somewhere in popular culture–telling no lies. But OCICBW.

  7. Ah! The privileges of being an atheist destined for eternal torment. Us poor Christians are supposed to love the nasty little critters although, I admit, my failure to do so probably means I will be joining you later, IT.

  8. probably means I will be joining you later, IT

    Oh YOU WISH! As if there was a more certain way to be entering the Pearly Gates * than hanging on to Our IT!

    [* Of course, IT will want to ascertain empirical evidence of cross-contamination of the oysters involved, and her beloved red yeast. Gotta count, measure and weigh, even in the Hereafter! ;-p]

  9. Us poor Christians are supposed to love the nasty little critters although, I admit, my failure to do so probably means I will be joining you later, IT.

    First, why do people have the notion that loving a deranged, destructive halfwit means that you don’t knock them down, sedate them and lock them away from public participation until they are no longer violent?

    Second, if you meet da Jesus on da road, kill him, already!