I received the following comment on a recent post about Anglican Mainstream's obsession with all things scatological and perverse. It is so very good that I am posting it here for all to see.

I watched ‘The Crucible’ over the course of the weekend. My same-sex partner and I having a wee break from our ‘homosexual lifestyle’... You know when you’re getting old when you can only stand three fistings a week and a bottle of poppers lasts you five days instead of one. And then there was the nasty episode of a splinter from our A-frame lodging in my left buttock as we were hosting a ‘scat n’ cards’ morning (basically a whist drive for coprophiles which we hold alternate weeks from the Ladies’ Bright Hour (many of our friends attend both)) – this got infected, tho’ thankfully we have (for obvious reasons and our ease and comfort) more rubber rings than scatter cushions in our living room, so at least I was able to sit in comfort and watch Arthur Miller’s masterpiece....*

A thought struck me, as I was watching the play and that is how the need to accuse and set oneself apart, as righteous, seems a real driving force for some of our religious brethren. In Salam it was witchcraft – though of course the real reason was the use of religion as a means of settling scores and serving one’s own self interest. Nowadays sexuality has become a similar means of dividing society into the ‘just’ and the ‘unjust’ – and is also a way of settling scores: those wicked liberals have pushed conservative Christianity to the margins and now it is time to fight back; the use of salaciousness, innuendo, half truths, self-righteousness and playing on the odd ancient prejudice appears a good means of doing this. It’s also a good way to make oneself feel better about oneself. Well, each to his or her own, I suppose, but the fact Anglicanmainstream and its creepy little friends are neither proportionate nor can claim integrity, rather limits the scope of their smear campaigns and hate-mongering. Many outside the tiny Christian world these trolls inhabit see their disproportionate interest in poufers and dykes and what they do behind closed doors as at best an unfortunate obsession with the private lives of others; and at worst something akin to Far Right scape-goating that can only harm, rather than benefit society.

It is no wonder Lisa Nolland (whom it is alleged holds a PhD in scatology) has taken to accusing ‘the damned’ of all kinds of wickedness (or fun, depending on your proclivities) to shore up the self-righteousness of the ‘blessed’ (aka ‘the bigoted’). She is not unlike the accuser, Abigail Williams, in ‘The Crucible’ - it is in her best interest to smear the scat and hope it sticks; as I have already noted, salaciousness, innuendo, half-truth and self-righteousness are the main weapons of such nasty souls. Anyone – and I mean ANYONE – who thinks they are more righteous, blameless, devout, holy, blessed or less sinful than their fellows has missed the point of the Gospel; but something so inconsequential is of little interest to our friends at AM or the Nollard. It seems Ms Nolland and her supporters think they have something to teach the world. They use inference to take the extreme and apply it to the whole – augmenting their unfathomable interest in the sex lives of others with fear, loathing and arrogance.

Well, Abigail Williams came to a sticky end, as have many others who have sought to further their own careers by the exploitation and opprobrium of others. Give her enough rope and she’ll hang herself – hence best to use a ‘safety word’ lest her fetish fixated chums think she is enjoying herself, when in reality she is starving herself of the oxygen she needs...

Peter Denshaw

* for the record I’ve never been fisted, or tied to an A-frame etc. or attended the Ladies’ Bright Hour...



  1. There is something profoundly unhealthy in such obsessions over others’ sexual habits and practices. Indeed, some would infer that such people are in fact terrified they themselves may be “unclean” and thus go after the “others” as a way to cover up their own fears and deflect any possible suspicion that they might be, well, “queer”.

    wv=muffloc (not going there…..)

  2. It is a sad irony that Ms. Nolland, and others like her, seem so unaware what they reveal about themselves in their attacks.