A Valentine’s Day contest by St. Joseph’s University’s Alumni Association to share the stories and photos of some alumni who met on Hawk Hill is finding the small Catholic university in the middle of a controversy that the school is discriminating against some alumni due to sexual orientation.

Megan Edwards and Katie MacTurk say they entered their photo and story about how they met during their senior year at St. Joe’s in hopes that they would earn the most “Likes” by Feb. 14.

They were hoping to win the "How I Met My Hawk Mate" contest and a $100 restaurant gift certificate to a restaurant of their choice.

They say they never got their chance. Edwards and MacTurk claim that the Jesuit school's alumni association refused to use their photo on the alumni group’s Facebook page because they are a lesbian couple and that, when pressed, the alumni association claimed the decision was made because the Catholic Church doesn’t recognize same-sex relationships.

On Thursday afternoon Saint Joe's Alumni Association responded to their original decision not to post the photo:

"Saint Joseph’s University fully supports and is in agreement with the Catholic Church’s teachings regarding homosexuality and same sex marriage. As a Catholic, Jesuit university, Saint Joseph’s is a welcoming, inclusive community. Our focus is on respect and caring for all individuals as individuals."

But by 2.50 p.m. they had caved in to pressure, much of which came from Saint Joseph's University Alumni:

UPDATE: Around 2:50 p.m. Thursday, the Saint Joseph's Alumni Association posted the "Hawk Mate" photo of Edwards and MacTurk to Facebook. It had more than 330 likes in less than one half hour.

At the time I popped over to their facebook page and clicked on "like" the figure had risen to 1145.

Thanks to whiteycat for keeping me up to date on this story.



  1. The mills of God grind slowly, Hagger, but they grind exceedingly small. Just keep pushing this kind of perversion, connecting it with godly things like Christian Eucharist, and you’ll eventually see what I mean.

  2. They should have respected their alma maters beliefs and never entered in the first place. Good for them for finding love and on their upcoming wedding, but if they want their love respected they should show the same respect for the institution they chose to attend for higher education. No one made them go to a Catholic school and its not like the beliefs were a surprise. Im constantly amazed that >2% of the population can continually bully 98%…..

  3. Please, AS IF all LGBT students KNEW they were LGBT when they began university? * Girls discovering they’re lesbian in college is a WIDELY known (by well-read adults!) rite-of-passage. Grow TF up.

    * Not that I blame LGBT students for attending Popoid schools—whether it’s a program they want to attend for their major, or just to SHAKE UP the sinfully phobic: I say (if you’re strong enough to endure BS—as from the poster above) Go For It!

    Oy vey: farewell unmoderated comments, when MP wakes up… 🙁