QUOTE OF THE DAY — 3 Comments

  1. For many years though, it was better.

    It included such flights of genius as “Soul Train” (which popularized many of the artists you and I love so much, MP).

    Today, the show’s creator, Don Cornelius, took his own life. 🙁 I don’t know what drove him to this sad ending, but I give thanks for his life, and his creation. Rest in “Peace, Love and SOOOOOOOOOOUL!”, lovely man.

    [If you think this is a shameless attempt to get, oh, say a Podcast Tribute to Mr Cornelius, via the MANY R&B Stars who appeared on Soul Train, MP, you would be right]

  2. Criminally, it was one American show that never got shown over here. I think the BBC must have thought all those young, black people dancing would have scared their middle class, English audience.