This is my new project which I am hoping will make my fortune. It's a monthly, downloadable resource providing prayers, intercessions, acclamations, biddings and blessings for use in the eucharistic services of the church.

Each issue will contain material for every Sunday and every principal feast during the month.

All the material is strongly linked to the gospel reading of the day based on the Common Lectionary. It is a truly international and ecumenical resource but it also provides extra material for national peculiarities such as Mothering Sunday in England.

I have tried to reflect, in a modern way, the words and meter of our traditional prayer books. I have also made sure that the new words will fit seamlessly into all orders of service so that congregations will not be confused or worried about changes and innovation.

For a sample copy of the material for the
Annunciation of Our Lord to the Blessed Virgin Mary


Please feel free to print it and use it. It's already formatted for A4 paper in nice large print so even oldies with poor eyesight, like me, can read it easily in church.

The cost of each monthly issue is only £2.49 (just less than $4.00 U.S.). It is available by monthly subscription but you can cancel your subscription at any time - there is no minimum subscription period. Payment is via PayPal but you do not need a PayPal account of your own to subscribe. Subscribers will be sent each new issue approximately one month before the month covered.

So, for the first issue of NEW WORDS FOR HOLY COMMUNION by Jonathan Hagger (that's me) which covers the month of March 2012 just click on the subscription button below and follow the instructions. Your copy for the month will then be sent direct to you by email.


I am self promoting this project to begin with and so I need as much publicity for it as possible. Please help me by advertising this new venture on your blogs and recommending it all over the social network sites you belong to. Also, download the sample, print it out and shove it under the nose of anybody you know who is responsible for eucharistic worship in their churches, asking them to consider a subscription.

I would love to be able to finance my online ministry myself and I am hoping and praying that this new project will help me achieve this goal.



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